What Makes Your Essays Look Good

As you plan to write your essay, understand all the aspects that contribute to the best writing. You will be fixing grammar issues and other errors here and there, but that is not all you need to do to produce good work. If you fail to personalize your essay, you will not achieve what it takes to create a good one. Essay writing entails many things that a student needs to observe.

As the assessors look at your work, they will be going for specific aspects of your essay’s most prominent feature. Bearing in mind that sane individuals read through thousands of applications, you must make their work easier. Structure your paper using the recommended format and follow the writing rules to ensure you meet all the requirements.

The following is a list of what makes your essay appropriate for the university application.

Correct Format

A good essay must follow all the formatting guidelines in the question. You must format your paper before submitting it for your application. You must spend some time going through your work and format accordingly before rushing to submit it. The admission officers may be petty and use your simple mistake to judge you wrong in selection criteria. You should remember the formatting rules outlined in the application essay question. After clearing your essay, read through the essay prompt to determine whether your work has followed all the formatting guidelines.

Follows the Rules for Essay Writing

A good essay meets all the essay writing rules. The writing rules may differ across various institutions.

Every institution has its application requirements. However, there are basic rules that cut across all university essays. Some universities may give an open chance to students to find their way of structuring their essays. In such cases, you should thoroughly research and ask for assistance from a reliable English essay writing service to understand the basic rules of writing.


To produce a good quality essay, make it unique. The admission officers will be looking at that specific thing that makes you stand out from the other applicants. Though the admission offices may not be after checking plagiarism in your essay, it is a good idea to showcase your real personality. There is always a unique aspect in every individual’s personality .as you explain your character, bring out those traits that make you different from the rest in a string manner.

Your paper may be original, but common expressions ruin your originality. Crosscheck your work in the plagiarism checker to ensure that no joint statements in your career.


A good essay should be personal. It should reflect your real character. The purpose of requesting an essay is to enable the admissions officer to understand you deeply. They should be able to tell your name by the end of your paper. Avoid copy-pasting statements as they may not reflect you.

What the admission officer will be checking in your essay

They may check if you read the instruction carefully and followed them in your writing. You should, therefore, not write an essay you don’t understand. Read the essay question and understand it before writing it.

If you had a good plan when writing your essay, the officers could tell how you organized your work before writing from the flow of your content in your essay. Most careers and institutions need an organized student. Make an outline that will guide you in planning your work in the piece.

The originality of your essay. The ideas in your essay should be original.


There are simple things that can make your essay to be accepted or rejected. Be keen in your writing to ensure that your work follows the rules in writing. A good piece should be unique with the correct formatting to attract the reader and entice them to consider your submission.

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