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School season is about to resume. It is the perfect time to start applying for scholarships that will help you pay your tuition fees. The easiest way to get yourself a scholarship is by writing an essay that will push your application to the top selections. Your essay should give the readers an outlook of your persona beyond your academic grade and achievements. It is your chance to showcase your exciting, unique tone and voice. Since you are talking about yourself, it should be fun. We will explore tips on writing a winning essay that will give you a high chance of getting that coveted scholarship.

Stick to the ethics of writing a strong essay

Like any essay, your scholarship application essay should have a great structure that will be easy for the readers. Start your essay with a strong opening statement that reflects your voice and tone. Follow the predefined structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. Ensure you present new ideas in a new paragraph. Neatly wrap up your essay rather than leaving it at a dead-end.

Stick to the prompt

It is essential to read the prompt several times to familiarize yourself with the requirements. Scholarship essays often have a specific theme, such as the impact of financial freedom on your life. It is easier to reframe the prompts as questions so that you can easily understand and digest them. As you write, ensure that you do not deviate from the prompt. 

Select a topic that you as passionate about

Your passion drives your creativity and memory. And since you are talking about yourself, a story or event that you enjoyed the most will be easy to tell, and you will have more details to present. You can bring out the authenticity, experience, and the right emotion that the readers can easily connect with. It is the best way to produce a quality essay effortlessly. 


Like a job application, it is essential to have a rough idea of the institution you intend to go to and the details of the scholarship. Go online and read about their mission, vision, and what motivates them to give out scholarships. A brief idea of the institution allows you to tailor your essay towards their requirements and align with their mission. 

Observe the character limit

Most essay requirements include a set word count limit. If you are not used to set word limits, it’s time you get familiar with it. Most college applications have a 250-word limit. That is equivalent to one page. 

Have enough time with a good plan

Reserve enough time for yourself to read and understand the prompt, reflect and find a good topic, write the essay, and revising it when you are done. The proper planning with enough time gives you a better chance of writing a well-written and error-free essay than a rushed essay out of deadline pressures. Make good use of your set time with a proper and workable plan. A good schedule will give the essay writing process a smooth flow, and it will help you stay within the bounds of the prompt. 2 weeks is enough time for any person, whether novice or expert, to write a compelling essay.  

Be specific, authentic, and concise

Stick to the main point while writing your essay. Persuade the readers by exerting authority, reliability, and credibility with a sense of emotional appeal using imagination and creativity. Convey your points using rations and logic. As you convey your points, ensure that they are accurate and true. You stand a better chance of getting the scholarship with an authentic story. A story about how you deal with hardship and examples in the past will be a great booster. Set a professional tone in your essay while staying humble. Avoid bragging too much about your accomplishments. Find a workable balance between your wins and failures. Naturally express your integrity, dedication, and character through your writing. 


Revise your work several times after finishing. Use the free online tools to check for anything that your eye might have missed. Hand it over to your friends and colleagues to help you revise and give you an honest opinion. Some constructive criticism will help you more than it hurts. So, embrace the feedback you get and make the necessary changes. Having typos, grammar mistakes, and spelling errors is the fastest way to get your essay rejected.

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