A Guideline for Admission Essay Writing

Every year, millions of young students submit their essays to universities all over the country. All of them are hopeful that they will get consideration to the various universities of their choice. Writing a quality essay is one of the criteria used in selecting the students. One has to stand out to be among those shortlisted in a quality university. A quality essay leads to a quality university. Most students have a good GPA, so the admission officers have to go beyond the good grades. An admission essay can never be the same and is a way to differentiate the students.

Know what the college wants

  • Academic summary

It includes your GPA, complete coursework, and SAT/ACT scores. Also, convince them that you are ready for the university. Attach your work experiences and recommendations.

  • Confirmation of your skills

It includes your leadership skills, personal integrity, maturity level, social responsibility. In social responsibility, it entails voluntary work in children’s homes, hospitals, and elderly homes. Anything else that will portray your qualities and characteristics should be part of the essay.

All these are just a summary of what the university wants to find in the documents submitted. They genuinely want to know your plans, what positive impact the university will gain by selecting you, and your interaction with other students and the community.

Universities are looking for students who have a promising future and people who can lend a helping hand to others to succeed. Your social life and your interaction with others are essential. Don’t be like everyone else. Be unique. For you to achieve all these, you need a plan.

Step 1: Get to know the prompts

Various universities have different prompts. Know these prompts. Some universities may want to see how a specific failure or setback in life has changed you. Whether it made an impact or an effect in your life or how it changed your life, or the way you see things. Others may want to know the accomplishments you have made. Others may want to know your personal goals. It depends on the university.

Make sure you write down all the prompts. Then, select the ones you are confident with. The prompts should be related to your personal life and experiences. When you finish, choose the one you are excited about the most and explain why it motivates you.

Step 2: List your life ordeals

Compile a list of your life ordeals. Categorize them into different kinds. Let’s say your interests, talents and skills, your achievements, and your experiences. After categorizing them, talk about them in detail as long as you stick to the main topic. They should correlate in a way that they should meet the three criteria mentioned earlier. Then highlight what motives you and write it down. It will be the first truth in your essay.

Step 3: Conclude on your main topic

Know what you want to talk about now that you have all the information you needed. Decide on your main topic because every story has a primary issue. Decide because it will somehow determine whether it will catch the attention of the readers immediately or not. Remember, the admission officers have many essays, so they don’t have the whole day to look at a single piece. Be unique on your own to the extent that they will be curious to read and finish the entire essay after reading your essay’s first sentence.

Step 4: Scribble another draft

Go through the first draft and look at the mistakes that you have made. When you begin the second draft, make sure you write the whole thing. Include all the elements. Avoid emitting other things that might be important.

Step 5: Insert the hooks

It is where you will develop the main topic, which will make the readers curious about your essay. You will have to come up with three hooks;

  • The opening hook that will make the readers curious about your paper
  • The topic needs to clear
  • The ending hook should deliver a powerful message.

Step 6: Revise

revising will take even longer than when you were writing the essay. Go through the paper several times to perfect it.


A good admission letter should sell you out and make you outshine others. Practice the above guideline to improve your piece.

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